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Welcome to ABN’s STP2 Intensive! During this 7 hr+ Intensive, you will have access to practical examples and software demonstrations, a live digital Q&A to have your questions answered, industry and ATO speaker presentations and slides, plus a comprehensive library of resources tailored specifically at bookkeepers!

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STP2 is going to be a significant process for bookkeepers to undertake with their payroll clients. We will arm you with all the information and resources required to transition from STP1 to STP2 and provide you with the learning. But it’s not just about knowing how to transition and learning all the details, it’s also critical that bookkeepers understand the opportunity STP2 represents for expanding your business model and entrenching your clients.

By purchasing your ticket, you will have access to:

Over 7 hours of CPE
Hear direct, the perspectives of STP2 from the ATO and one of Australia’s leading software providers
12 Video sessions breaking STP2 down section by section with all the detail required
Unlimited access to all recordings for the entirety of 2022
Digital Q&A Session with speakers post event to have your questions answered
A comprehensive resource library
What's inside your resource library: STP2 Intensive Resources (included in your ticket price)
  • STP2 tailored Ready Reckoner
  • Extensive STP2 resource guide for the detail
  • A Client and an employee education guide for you to provide saving you hours of time and giving both the employer and the employee an insight into these changes
  • Tax Treatment Matrix
  • Employment Category Matrix
  • STP Pay Event Codes (A Quick Reference Guide) enabling you to consider the components of a pay event and ensure you applying the correct code
  • New Engagement Letter and relevant client authorities
  • Speaker presentation slides
  • Other speaker resources and STP2 related resources
  • And much, much more!
This STP2 Intensive is the most comprehensive information you will find, and tailored specifically to bookkeepers. Get your tickets now as we arm you with everything you could possibly need to know about STP2!


Peter Thorp

Kelvin Deer

Leanne Berry

Kerrie Jarius

Chontelle Weyman

Haydon Green

Agenda - The Sessions
Peter Thorp and Kelvin Deer
Welcome to Your STP2 Intensive Workshop!

Pete and Kelvin will introduce the STP2 concepts and what they mean for a bookkeeper and their clients. The session will:

  • Highlight how to make the most of your STP2 Intensive Workshop Experience
  • Explore the layers of STP2 Disaggregation
  • Look at the Government agencies that will be using STP2 data and why
  • Introduce the video session content and the speakers
  • Consider how you should approach your STP2 journey
Chontelle Weyman and Haydon Green
STP2 and the ATO (The Regulators Comments)

Chontelle Weyman and Haydon Green from the Australian Taxation Office have been part of the ATO’s Single Touch Payroll taskforce for some time, working diligently to produce a range of ATO content for the business community and their advisors as the transition from STP1 to STP2 takes place.

In this session, Chontelle and Haydon look at:

  • STP2 Reporting what changes and what is staying the same
  • The transition options available to get your clients up and going on STP2
  • A walk through the Income Type Fields for STP2
  • Consideration for the new Employment Basis Fields for each employee
Chontelle Weyman and Haydon Green
STP2 And the ATO (Finalisations & Correcting Errors)

In this second session delivered by Chontelle Weyman and Haydon Green from the Australian Taxation Office, Chontelle and Haydon look at additional components of STP2 reporting including:

  • STP2 – The basics (what to report, who reports and the due dates)
  • The components of STP2 reporting
  • The corrections framework and how to correct an error
  • Finalisations of your STP2 file
  • Employee’s and what to expect under STP2
Leanne Berry
Getting Ready for STP Phase 2 (Comments from MYOB)

Practical demonstration

No matter which software product you use, all payroll software has had to incorporate new and additional features to cater for the move to STP2. The ATO has worked with the software companies to ensure consistency of the new definitions and reason codes that will form the basis of the new STP2 reporting.

In this session, Leanne Berry from MYOB looks at:

  • The role software plays in STP2 reporting
  • Both the existing and new workflows required with your clients
  • Preparing yourself for STP2
  • The new report categories that appear in STP2 software
  • Collecting and collating employee data to add to your STP2 report
Kerrie Jarius
Disaggregation – Understand the Components

Kerrie has been heavily involved as a practicing BAS Agent and as a Bookkeeping Industry Representative, working with the ATO to ensure the transition to STP2 is as smooth as possible. Disaggregation is the basis of STP2 reporting and can be quite difficult to grasp as it is all about splitting up a payroll into smaller components.

In this comprehensive session, Kerrie delivers all the details relating to:

  • The new Income Types to be reported under STP2
  • The Need for any Country Codes
  • The purpose of Disaggregation
  • Disaggregation and pulling apart the key reporting components
Leanne Berry and Kerrie Jarius
Disaggregation and the Software – A Practical Perspective

Practical demonstration

The theory is one thing but seeing how Disaggregation is applied practically in software is a key learning, as you transition your clients to STP2. Join Kerrie and Leanne, for this practical demonstration which looks at:

  • 5 Key changes all software will need to deliver with STP2
  • Setting up a payroll for each employee and the relevant STP2 codes to use
  • Allowances reporting has seen significant change under STP2 and Leanne and Kerrie work through the practical approach to deal with the new requirements
Kelvin Deer
STP2 Terminations, Resignations, Retirements & Transfers

It is not an uncommon scenario to see employees transfer, resign, retire or be dismissed. STP2 sees further disaggregation of the payments that are made to an employee in these circumstances.

Join Australian Bookkeepers Network Director, Kelvin Deer as he discusses the STP2 implications for:

  • Resignations, retirements, and terminations
  • The STP2 treatment for the various payments that are made to employees on ending employment
  • New cessation date and reporting reason codes to add to the STP2 payroll
  • The importance of payer and payee ID in your software when and employee transfers within a business
Kerrie Jarius
Disaggregation – Allowances

The disaggregation of Allowances paid to employees is going to be arguably the single biggest area of concern for payroll providers and government agencies. Kerrie will explain:

  • Why Disaggregation of Allowances are so important to get right
  • What’s reportable and What’s not under STP2
  • The 9 disaggregation components for Allowances and a walk through of the key issues to consider
Kelvin Deer
Disaggregation – Other Components

This final session on Disaggregation and other reporting requirements, brings together all the “Odd Socks” from STP2 reporting. In this session Kelvin takes a look at a number of different STP2 reporting components and their treatment including:

  • Salary Sacrifice Arrangements
  • Work related deductions
  • Child support deductions
  • Superannuation reporting
  • Reportable Fringe Benefits and Reportable Employer Super Contributions
Leanne Berry
Disaggregation – Other Components (A Practical Demonstration)

Practical demonstration

Having heard the theory about “Other Components and STP2”, Leanne Berry from MYOB joins Kelvin to consider the practical implications within your software and delivers a practical demonstration of the treatment of the “Other Components” for STP2 reporting.

Peter Thorp
STP2 A Bookkeepers Perspective

STP2 is going to present what will arguably be the largest changes since the introduction of GST. ABN Director Peter Thorp is going to deliver a comprehensive session on what this means for bookkeepers, their business model and the opportunity STP2 brings with it. Peter’s session will include:

  • What is the opportunity and the Business Model being presented to bookkeepers
  • Planning and implementation will be critical and ABN has the resources to save you hours of time
  • Client Interactions and the key message to be provided to your clients and their employees
  • STP2 Risk Assessment for BAS Agents
  • Marketing for STP2
  • Redefine Payroll Services and Fees for your business
Peter Thorp and Kelvin Deer
Close & Resource Centre Overview

In addition to the video’s and presenter slides, ABN has produced a significant range of additional resources to assist with your understanding and learning of STP2. Join Peter and Kelvin for the STP2 Wrap and learn what additional resources will assist you to get the most out of the STP2 Intensive Workshop and take a quick tour of some of the main resources available to you.

All Session Presenters
Live Digital Q&A Session

Having listened to each of the sessions and done some further reading of the resources included in the event, you will no doubt have some questions. Join the session speakers live in a panel discussion to hear the answers to the most commonly asked STP2 questions from our delegates.

The opportunity will be given to pre-submit your questions where they will be collated into categories and our speakers will provide the answer.

More information will be provided to Delegates in the coming weeks as to how to submit your question and full details of the Live Q&A session.


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