The Bookkeeper Event 2024

10-12 October 2024 - Adelaide

10 October - Expo Day 11-12 October - Conference

The Bookkeeper Event is back! Held biennially across different locations around Australia, Australian Bookkeepers Network brings you this two and a half day event which is like no other!

The Bookkeeper Event 2024 is heading to Adelaide South Australia!

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Australia's Premier Bookkeeping Conference: The Bookkkeeper Event Hilton Adelaide

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Join Us in Adelaide

The Bookkeeper event is the number one bookkeeping conference for 2024! Join us in the beautiful city of Adelaide SA. We are thrilled to announce that the prestigious Hilton Adelaide will be our host venue. Nestled in the heart of the city, the Hilton Adelaide is the perfect setting for The Bookkeeper Event. Adelaide is bursting with culture, flavours and entertainment making it a great place to visit. The gateway to some of Australia’s best wine country and award winning restaurants and together with its picturesque landscapes and beautiful coast line, Adelaide is an ideal destination.

Hilton Adelaide are offering delegates a special discounted rate, click below to access your special pricing.

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Incredible Lineup of Speakers

The Bookkeeper Event always delivers on speakers! In 2022, we saw one of the best lineups of industry specialists we’ve ever assembled, and 2024 promises to be bigger and better. We will bring you an engaging lineup of speakers who are experts in their fields. They will share their business expertise and provide practical skills and tools to help take your bookkeeping business to the next level. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, then this is a MUST-attend event in 2024!

A Wealth of Networking Opportunities

In addition to the insightful sessions and expo, the event offers you access to numerous opportunities to network in person, so you can connect with like-minded bookkeeping professionals. Our event is designed to promote interaction and collaboration, fostering an environment where you can share experiences and ideas.

What’s Included

Thursday Expo Day and Exhibitors
This is your chance to hear from the conference exhibitors what they have on offer. There will be 4 rooms running concurrent sessions, where you can drop in and out and see demonstrations presented by the various exhibitors. It is your way of understanding the various apps, software and offerings that exhibitors have and will allow you to make the most of your time in the expo area which will be open for the entire conference.
Content and CPE
Content is king and will be available in bucket loads. 2 full days of conference sessions and over 15 hours of CPE for the event. Hear from the best speakers with relevant content that will help you regardless of where you are in your bookkeeping journey.
Thursday Tastes of South Australia
What better way to kick off the conference than to network with your fellow delegates over a cold drink and some tasty treats. From 5.30 until 7 pm join us in the expo area for a welcome reception and experience the Tastes of Adelaide. Some local produces will be showcasing their lovely wines and other tasty products for your taste testing.
Saturday Night Afterparty
The Greatest Bookkeeping Event needs the Greatest afterparty! The afterparty will be held at the Iconic SkyCity Ballroom, with 6m high floor-to-ceiling windows that bathe the room in natural light and offer views of the River Torrens, surrounding parklands and the iconic Adelaide Oval. A sweeping balcony allows guests to step outside from the Ballroom for fresh air and a fantastic view of the surrounding Riverbank. This is your chance to let your hair down and party with your fellow bookkeepers and delegates. It’s a great opportunity to network with bookkeepers, speakers and exhibitors, best of all it’s the perfect time to grab a drink and a bite to eat while letting your hair down!
Network & Connect
We understand the value of building a professional network. The Bookkeeper Event offers wide networking opportunities for bookkeepers looking to connect with others in business. There are numerous networking opportunities, including structured sessions and casual meet-ups. You'll have the chance to connect with fellow bookkeepers, industry professionals, and potential business partners. It's an ideal platform to join forces and grow your bookkeeping business and services.

Enrich Your Practice

The Australian Bookkeepers Network is committed to enhancing your practice and ensuring you have the best tools to serve your clients better. The Bookkeeper Event is tailored specifically to bookkeepers, which means we bring you speakers and content that will have the most significant impact on your practice. Rest assured that every speaker and session at The Bookkeeper Event will have value to a bookkeeper no matter where they are in their journey.

Attendance counts toward CPE

Good news for all you BAS agents out there: The Bookkeeper Event is worth over 15 hours of CPE!

  • Keep up with the most relevant content and latest industry updates
  • Learn more about the latest technical updates and software available to make your practice or firm leading-edge.

Speakers & Agenda Coming Soon

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge, connect with industry leaders, and enhance your bookkeeping skills. Stay tuned for updates, as we'll be sharing more information about speakers, sponsors and networking opportunities as they come to hand.

Your ticket includes:

  • All conference sessions for Friday 11th and Saturday 12th
  • Thursday Expo Day – from 12:30pm Thursday 10th of October
  • Thursday night’s Taste of Adelaide social event
  • Lunches and tea breaks in between sessions for Friday 11th and Saturday 12th
  • 1x ticket to Saturday night event, which includes dinner, beverages and entertainment
  • Full access to the Conference Expo where you can explore a range of exhibitors displaying new software, products and services

Please note that tickets DO NOT include accommodation, breakfasts, or your own Friday night dinner arrangements.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to reach out to us. You can find our contact details on the Contact Us page. We're here to assist the bookkeeping industry in any way we can, and our Member Services team would love to hear from you.


Dr Alan D. Thompson

Keynote Speaker

Janine Shepard

Keynote Speaker

John Shepard

First Assistant Secretary. Australian Government Department of Finance

Paul Robson


Hank de Jonge

Executive Director de Jonge Read

Trent McLaren

CEO Journey

Damien Gooden

CEO HR Central

Amy Holdsworth

CEO Clarity Street

Louise Missin

Senior Payroll Consultant

Darren Hagarty

Director ABN/ABA

Melissa McLaren

Group Principal Product Manager Services NSW

Cassandra Scott

Director Laurus Bookkeeping

Cameron Anderson

General Manager XBert

Kelvin Deer

Director ABN/ABA

Kerrie Jarius

Director ABA/Brilliant Admin Solutions

Peter Thorp

Director ABN/ABA
Agenda - The Sessions
Dr Alan D. Thompson
Opening Keynote

A world-renowned expert in artificial intelligence (AI), specialising in the augmentation of human intelligence, and advancing the evolution of 'integrated AI'. A former chairman for Mensa International's gifted families, Alan applies a rigorous background in human intelligence to artificial intelligence.

  • Published author
  • Doctorate from Emerson
  • Fellow of the Institute of Coaching (Harvard Medical School)
Janine Shepard
Closing Keynote

Janine takes her audiences on a roller-coaster ride of emotional, funny, and inspirational tales—many from her own life and borrowing from her intensive studies. Janine's TEDx talk is so compelling that made it the talk of the day, and it's been viewed by millions worldwide. Janine's presentations are so engaging that you'll lose yourself in the excitement.

  • Published Author
  • Ex-Olympic Athlete
  • Over 1million views on TEDx
John Shepard
digital Identities - The Future of Australia's Digital ID System

The objective of Australia’s Digital ID System is that it is secure, convenient, voluntary and inclusive. There are lots of myths around it, but with the successful passage of the Digital ID legislation through the parliament earlier this year, we are on course for its implementation from 1 December 2024. This will enable the expansion of the existing system to enable more choice of providers and start to reduce the over-sharing of identity information in our everyday lives. This will reduce costs and risks to businesses who are collecting and storing information.

  • Digital ID Legislation
  • Dispelling the Myths around Digital ID
Paul Robson
Doing it better: Helping Business Start, Survive and Succeed

Join MYOB CEO Paul Robson as he shares insights from his first year at the helm of Australia’s leading business management platform, key trends impacting the bookkeeping profession, and how MYOB is transforming to meet the future needs of bookkeepers and their clients.

  • Key trends impacting the bookkeeping profession
  • How MYOB is transforming to meet the future needs of bookkeepers and their clients
Hank de Jonge
Bookkeeping in a High Insolvency Environment

Bookkeepers live and breathe their client’s businesses and see the hardships business owners face on a daily basis, having to make tough decisions when cash flow is tight. As headlines highlight the growing rate of insolvencies across all shapes and sizes of business, we explore those things bookkeepers are uniquely positioned to identify and act on, often before the books get anywhere near an accountant. We will look at different options for clients in financial difficulty and how your client’s personal assets can be better protected. These insights will be wrapped up in a practical case study to make this highly relevant and relatable.

  • Options for Clients facing Financial Difficulties
  • How to better protect a client’s assets
  • Real-life Case Study
Trent Mclaren
Using AI to Revolutionise Your Marketing

Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionise your marketing efforts in this dynamic session designed specifically for bookkeepers. Learn how to develop a strategic marketing plan and automate your content creation process using cutting-edge AI tools. This session will provide you with the knowledge and practical steps to enhance your marketing efficiency, reach your target audience more effectively, and drive business growth.

  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • AI-Powered Content Creation
  • Efficiency and Scalability
Damien Gooden
The Growth of Bookkeepers in the Industry

Join HR Central CEO, Damien Gooden, in exploring the growth of a bookkeeper in the market place. From the days of the abacus to tech, bookkeepers are so much more than a valued outsource managing the finances of their clients. They are trusted advisors, who are looked at as a source of knowledge that extends their traditional role of expertise. With a focus on HR and the close relationship to payroll and compliance, Damien will provide key pointers as to how any bookkeeper can extend their service offering, secure new business and/or maintain trust and retention with existing clients, whilst protecting themselves from liability.

  • Open the “info access gate” to HR legislation changes and guidance without having to do the leg work yourself
  • How to spot potential compliance risks of your clients and what you can offer via tech solutions that can help keep them on the straight and narrow! You use tech, so should they!
  • How to have the conversation with your clients regarding the benefits of an outsourced HR process
Amy Holdsworth
Connected Apps to Optimise Your Business

Are you looking to enhance your bookkeeping practice? While there are many app options available, they alone cannot drive efficiency. To achieve optimal workflows, it's crucial to identify the appropriate app, role, and boundary for each task. By doing so, you can create a streamlined client experience that empowers you to deliver exceptional service and take control of client relationships with ease. This session will show you how to build a low-friction client lifecycle that elevates your bookkeeping practice!

  • Identify the best Apps for your business
  • Streamline your clients experience
  • Building a low-friction client lifecycle
Darren Hagarty
Tax, Super and GST - The Year That Was and the Year Ahead

In this technical but practically grounded session, we review the biggest changes in the tax, super and GST landscape throughout 2024, and look at what awaits in 2025. This session will deliver you important knowledge to not only be across the latest changes affecting your clients, but also your own affairs.

  • Review of the biggest changes in Tax, Super and GST
  • A look at what's coming in 2025
Liss Mclaren
Driving Innovation and Success in Your Practice

Join Liss McLaren in this transformative session designed specifically for the bookkeeping community, where you will learn how to build and harness your creative confidence to drive innovation and success in your practice. This session will equip you with the mindset and tools needed to overcome creative barriers, embrace new ideas, and implement effective solutions tailored to the unique challenges of bookkeeping.

  • Developing a creative mindset
  • Overcoming the fear of judgment
  • Practical tools for innovation
  • Empathy-driven solutions
  • collaborative creativity
Louise Missin
Keeping up to date with the rapidly changing payroll landscape

Join Louise as she navigates the evolving landscape of payroll. Delve into the latest updates and upcoming changes that are impacting payroll. Gain invaluable insights as Louise addresses the most pressing questions and intricate challenges encountered by payroll professionals today. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of payroll management.

  • Latest Payroll updates and upcoming changes
  • Biggest Payroll challenges encountered by payroll professionals
Naomi Westwood
Part 1: PayDay Super

Payday Super is the most impactful change to Superannuation Guarantee since its inception. Due to commence in less than 2 years, it significantly impacts BAS Agents, employers, Clearing Houses, Super Funds, the ATO and employees. Understanding the impact of Payday Super on the payroll function is essential for all bookkeepers processing payroll. Get the latest update on the progress of this initiative direct from the ATO’s Naomi Westwood (head of the team responsible for its implementation).

Moderator Jo Crumpton
Part 2: ABA Discussion Panel

Australian Bookkeepers Association (ABA) directors work tirelessly for its members in representing them in all the right government forums. This panel session features three of its directors together with ATO Co-Chair of the key BAS Agent consultative forum. Moderator Joanne Crumpton is joined by fellow ABA directors Kerrie Jarius and Peter Thorp as well as the ATO’s Sonia Corsini as they discuss the current issues that are most relevant to BAS Agents and bookkeepers.

Moderator Kellie Powell
The AI Driven Bookkeeper: Future-proofing your Practice

This panel session will explore how embracing AI can transform your practice. Gain practical takeaways that you can immediately implement in your business. The session will focus on:

  • How embracing AI can solve problems and remove pain points
  • What efficiencies can be gained
  • What everyday tasks can be managed differently
Practical Workshops

Choose from six practical workshops that will offer you invaluable opportunities for a more hands-on learning approach! Further details to come.


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